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New Dpcm of 17 March 2020

In compliance with what was issued by the Prime Minister’s decree on 17 March 2020, our business, until further notice, will apply the directives contained in the decree that you will find at the following link:

DPCM 02 MARZO 2020:

DPCM 17 MARZO 2020:

*Cancellations and Refunding

As provided for under art.88 of the Italian Law Decree March 17th 2020, any request of refunding of a previously booked rental, will be processe accordingly, therefore entitling all eligible customers with a Voucher of equal value of their downpayment.
The voucher issued will have a better condition than what is written in the Decree and can be used until May 2022.

For any request you can contact us at the following email:


1. Rental service
Rental service includes: motorhome van rental for the days and kilometers agreed on the contract; all insurances (art.3); oil and the other engine liquids; ordinary check-up of the vehicle and repairing of damages not due to our customer’s negligence.
The service does not include: petrol, emptying of the dirty water tank, any fine and fee. Should the client be fined by any of the local police authorities during the rental , he/she authorizes Samas S.a.s. to charge on his/her Credit Card euro 60,00 for the refunding of the filing expenses, plus the amount of the fine itself.
2. Vehicle use
The vehicle can be used only as a mean of transportation and dwelling of people.
It’s forbidden:
a) any form of subcontract,
b) to lend the vehicle to people that are not mentioned in the contract;
c) the use of it to carry out professional or commercial activities such as goods’ retailing, etc, etc.;
d) towing of vehicles;
e) driving the van if the driver is not physically and psychologically apt to a safe and lawful driving, or if the driver has had his/her driving
license for less than two years:
f) to exceed the number of people foreseen on the vehicle license.
Any violation of the above terms on the part of the customer, will imply the loss of the cautionary deposit and the immediate return of the vehicle to samas S.a.s.; moreover, it will imply the payment of any damage caused to SAMAS S.a.s. or to a third party. The driver must drive our motorhome safely and accordingly to the road rules valid in any country he/she finds himself/herself into. He/She/ also has to use the
maximum care when driving the vehicle, to protect the persons and objects present in it.
3. Insurance
The vehicle is insured during the rental period written on the contract;
SAMAS S.a.s. declines any responsibility for any damage occured to the people and objects carried on its vehicles during this period;
SAMAS S.a.s. declines any responsability arising from false declaration (about identity, address, inexact documents…) on the part of the customer; the customer must, in case of accident, fill in attentively the appropriate C/D form that must then be sent to SAMAS S.a.s. within 48hrs. SAMAS S.a.s. must be informed as soon as possible, by phone, about the accident. All vehicles owned by SAMAS S.a.s. must not be driven in countries not foreseen in the green card.
The vehicles insurance includes: R.C according to the law and green card.
Other coverages, like: theft, fire, acts of vandalism and athmospheric events (exempt of €500,00); Kasco (exempt of a maximum of €1500,00); road assistance in case of damage or accident (flat tyres and any other damage to the wheels not included), can be purchased according to the insurance chart that can be found in and also below. In case of theft ( even of parts of the vehicle), of fire or of accident, the customer must inform SAMAS within 48h, via telephone or e-mail; if not, any damage or loss will be imputed to him/her directly, be it of the SAMAS S.a.s. vehicle or of a third party. In case of damages caused to a third party or to its belongings, the customer must fill in attentively in all its parts, the statement of facts, that must then be signed by the counterpart. In all other cases the customer must call for the authority (e.g. Polizia,, Carabinieri…) intervention and verify that all people involved,witnesses and car number plates of the vehicles involved, be written on their reports. The customer must also require a copy of the police report and send it to SAMAS S.a.s. within 48h from the accident.
4. Responsabilities
SAMAS S.a.s. is not responsible for all the deficiencies, damages or other vices that are not reported in the delivery form that must be filled in by the customer together with a SAMAS S.a.s. member of the staff at pick up. SAMAS S.a.s. is not responsible for inconveniencies deriving from unvolunteer delays or mechanical breakdowns, interruptions or delays of the journey due to illnesses, natural calamities, strikes, wars, bad weather, quarantine, etc. In case of forced interruption of the journey, the customer must inform SAMAS S.a.s. within 24hrs, so that the staff will provide the retrieval of the vehicle. All expenses will be on the customer.
SAMAS S.a.s. is not responsible for inconveniences or involuntary delays of the vehicles delivery, though attributable to its agents or personell.The customer must pay the entire rental period even in case of accidents, ilnesses, natural calamities, wars, etc.
SAMAS S.a.s. is not responsible for accidents or injuries suffered by the customer, resulting from the rental of its vehicle.
5. Rental period
The rental period cannot be modified unless agreed with SAMAS S.a.s. at least 48hrs before its end. Any delay that has not been authorized will be subjected to the application of a quadruple fare with respect to that applied at the moment of the rental.
6. Booking and payments
To confirm one’s booking, the 50% of the whole rental amount must be paid in advance, otherwise the booking won’t be valid. The
remaining 50% of the whole rental amount must be paid 30 days before the rental start. An amount of maximum € 1000 must be paid at the beginning of the rental period as legal deposit. It will be refunded after maximum 45 days from the drop off , and after a complete check up of the vehicle. The client is always responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle during the rental period. The payment of any damage caused to the vehicle, shall be drawn, from the legal deposit at the end of the rental period.
7. Renunciation
In case of renunciation of a previously confirmed rental, SAMAS S.a.s. must be soon informed via e-mail, and the amount paid will be withhold in compensation according to the following conditions:
– 30% of the whole rental amount will be withhold if the renunciation is within 51 days from the rental start
– 40% of the whole rental amount will be withhold from 50 days to 21 days before the rental start
– 70% of the whole rental amount will be withhiold from 20 days to 8 days before the rental start
– 85% of the whole rental amount will be withhold if the renunciation is within 7 days before the rental start
– 95% of the whole rental amount will be withhold if the renunciation is on the same day of the rental start

SAMAS S.a.s. can vary the day of the rental beginning in case of breakdowns of its vehicles or even under circumstances beyond its control. If the delay of the caravan’s delivery is of more than 48hrs, the customer might have his/her amount back and the contract can be cancelled. No other refunding is to be expected by the customer from SAMAS S.a.s.. No refunding or reductions have to be expected in case of anticipated deliveries of any vehicle if not previously agreed with SAMAS S.a.s..
In the unfortunate case that a failure of the chosen vehicle occurs, Samas S.a.s. reserves itself the right to replace it with another vehicle whose features will be as much similar as possible to the previously chosen one.
8. At one’s expense
All expenses due to any transfer of the vehicle to other States, (due) to obtaining authorizations, documents, temporary imports/exports of everything is in the motorhome, included all camping equipment supplied by SAMAS S.a.s., is at the customer’s own expense.
9. Repair service
Should any vehicle’s repairing, not due to the customer’s negligence, be necessary during a rental period, the customer himself/herself can provide for it but only if the cost doesn’t exceed € 100,00. For repair services exceeding this value, the customer must inform SAMAS S.a.s. and ask for authorization; then she/he must present to SAMAS S.a.s. the relative invoice registered in as follows : SAMAS S.a.s. di De Nardi Massimo e Sara Papini, traversa di via Limbara snc, 07020 Loiri Porto San Paolo (SS) P.IVA 01378650913. Any sum paid by the customer for the repair service will be refunded by Samas S.a.s., upon bill check or invoice submission, at the end of the rental period.
10. Vehicle’s redelivery
When returned, the vehicle must be cleaned and cleared of all personal belongings. It must be returned with the same petrol quantity it had at pick up; if not, a surcharge of 25.00 euro is due to Samas plus the missing petrol value. Waste water tank must be empty, wc box empty and clean and clear water tank full; if not, a penalty of 50,00€ will be applied in these cases.
The customer is responsible for all the accessories and equipment in the vehicle. In case of loss or damage of any of the above, a penalty as follows will be applied: Wedges €37,00, Electrical Cable €75,00, Barbecue €37,00, Camping Table €75.00, Camping Chair €15.00, Beach Chair €78.00, Outside green mat €25.00, INVERTER €65.00, GPS €185.00.
Smoking is forbidden in allour vehicles; should the vehicle smell of cigarettes or similar when redelivered, the customer will pay also 130,00 Euro for the antismoke treatment.

The customer holding a credit card authorizes the Lessor to keep from her/his bank account the charges he/she owes him for the rental, including those contained in the contract documents and as may be necessary for the recovery of all kind of claims from the Lessor to the customer in the relation to the rental.

This contract is ruled by Italian laws and any controversy will be under the jurisdiction of the Court of Olbia Tempio (OT).
I hereby accept the above: art.1 Description of the service, art. 2 Use of the vehicles, art.3 Insurances, art.4 Responsabilities, art.5 Rental period, art.6 Booking and payments, art. 7 Renunciation, art. 8 Customer’s expenses, art.9 Repairs, art.10 Redelivery.

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